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I am a Corporate Ninja

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At first, the term Business Intelligence (abbr. BI) had me a bit confused. Contrary to my initial interpretation, BI does not concern the mental acuity of corporations or their employees.

Business, as in ‘From that moment on I had a much better idea as to how I should go about my business.

Intelligence, as in ‘Feudal Japan often used ninja to gather intelligence.

Rather than ‘Corporate IQ‘ Business Intelligence should thus be interpreted more like ‘Decision Information‘.

We are not trying to make business people smart. We are simply working to give business people the information they need to make informed decisions.

We are Corporate Ninjas.

[Disclaimer: I have no intention of implying that BI specialists or business people lack mental skills, but simply trying to explain how I think the term BI should be interpreted; and consequently what my focus as a consultant should be.]

Written by Lukas Vermeer

May 7, 2010 at 14:47

Posted in BI, Oracle

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  2. Your questioning is very interesting – especially the story about Linda.

    The Intelligence part of BI has taken its origins from the war times and military techniques. As you depicted with a great sense of humor, it is not directly related to the IQ of the participants or the representatives of the industry.

    Military Organisations or so called Intelligence Organisations such as CIA or Mi-6 have developed a number of techniques to put lights on hidden information that could help their respective countries to gain a strategic advantage.

    After some time, a majority of countries around the world have transformed their “Conquistador moto” into an economic and corporate domination “game”.

    To gain competitive advantage, Corporations have built Strategy departments, usually with key Intelligence Specialists who have adapted the military techniques to softer methods, but still with the aim of discovering hidden insight from their own data, or from public information about the competition.

    Business Intelligence has shifted from “here are your 200 x indicators” to here is the strategic metric that is driving the success of this Product today.
    The time dimension seems to have been forgotten from Intelligence collection until now.

    This is changing with new breed of Software Solutions that can adapt their statistical models according to Offer success at a given time. These tools are learning from facts rather than common sense which often brings bias in behavior interpretation.

    The self-learning solutions you are working on, will undoubtedly soften the “Linda Effect”, and help Marketing Organizations to better understand their respective markets.

    In my views, Corporations implementing self learning systems first will gain a significant competitive advantage in no time, with for the first time in the industry, a measurable Return On Investment visible in P & L reports.


    August 21, 2010 at 12:48

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